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How to choose the right Christmas lights

A new report reveals how to choose an ideal Christmas lighting design.The report, released today by the National Lighting Board (NLB), looks at the lighting requirements for lighting your home.The aim of the report is to help home owners and businesses make better decisions about lighting their homes.The National Lighting Boards (NLP) is a collaboration […]

Watch as an animated light shows up inside the lights at an aquarium

The lights are coming.The lights at the world’s most famous aquariums are going to get a lot brighter.The lights will be powered by LED technology.They will be about the size of a dime and will be embedded in the aquarium walls and ceilings.The aquariums lighting system is being tested by the aquarium lighting companies in […]

How to get rid of the lights on your Christmas lights

A light-up Christmas tree is not as simple as it may seem, thanks to a new study by scientists from Newcastle University.The team led by Prof. Chris Trewavas, a lead scientist on the study, believe that the lighting that goes on the Christmas lights could actually reduce the amount of CO2 that is emitted by […]

Watchdog: New technology could lead to ‘disastrous’ consequences for electric vehicle owners

FOX NEWS — Watchdog groups and lawmakers are urging automakers to use new technology to help reduce emissions, as automakers ramp up production of electric vehicles and introduce more fuel-efficient models.The latest effort comes after a group of states and the EPA announced they would use a new technology that would allow for charging of […]

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