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‘Lead-free halogen lamps’ to hit streets soon in Tel Aviv, Tel Aviv city

The Tel Aviv municipality has announced that it is planning to introduce halogen bulbs to the city by the end of the year.The municipal council approved the plan after receiving a request from the Tel Aviv Municipality’s environmental department for halogen lighting in residential areas.The proposal will take effect in the spring of 2019.The project […]

What You Need to Know About E26 Led Bulbs

E26 bulbs are a common choice for gardeners who want to make their plants more attractive to wildlife.And they’re easy to grow, too.“A single bulb can be grown in just a few days,” explains Lisa G. Hahn, plant biologist and plant geneticist with the University of Michigan.“It doesn’t require any kind of fertilizer or water.And […]

The Cree Led Christmas Tree is an ‘incandescently bright’ Christmas tree

LED lightbulbs are one of the most popular ways to light up your home and office.They have become so popular in recent years that there’s a growing demand for them in every home and business.The Cree led Christmas tree, which is a brand new LED Christmas tree with LED lights and a traditional LED bulb, […]

€20,000 price tag for ‘cree lead’ LEDs – Irish Times

€20.1 million of ‘crees lead’ LED lights for the €2.5 billion €50,000 ($52,500) project, the Irish Ministry of Finance said.The scheme aims to use more than 80,000 LED lights to provide backlit, low-light, daytime lighting for buildings, parks, cinemas and offices in the Irish capital and its suburbs.It is to be launched next year.The government […]

How to get your next TV show on Netflix in the age of OLED: Amazon chief executive Jeff Bezos

Amazon has a new, big idea for the future of entertainment: OLED screens.It’s a new approach for Amazon Prime members, and its a move that could finally give the online retailer its long-sought TV channel on the giant screen.The company announced its intentions Thursday at its annual conference in Seattle.The announcement, which was made during […]

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