The first baby led weanling photo on the web!

Posted by Jannik Hovland on November 18, 2017 02:14:03 Baby led weaned weaning article I have just posted the first baby lead weaning photo on YouTube, where it is not too hard to find.

The photo is titled “The first baby weaned from a baby lead bottle”, and it shows a 3 month old baby, holding a bottle that is about 6.5 inches (15cm) in length.

The bottle itself is filled with a bottle of baby lead, and the bottle is also a baby led bottle.

It is not very difficult to see that the baby is wearing a baby feder, which is the new term for a baby weanled bottle.

The baby also has a small bottle of milk, and he has a straw on his head.

The straw is a little bit of a problem, as the baby has to use his hands to hold it.

I have no idea why the baby doesn’t have a straw, but this is a very difficult problem to solve, especially when you are dealing with a baby that is 3 months old.

If you want to get started, you can view the video in full resolution here.

You can also check out the original video at the end of the article. 

This is a picture of a baby in a bottle. 

Baby lead weaned babies do not need to be fed. 

What do you think of the first photo?

Are you worried that the bottle won’t be cleaned? 

Image credit: YouTube user Janniko Hovlland Image source: YouTube

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