How to watch the coronavirus in Canada

Canada has announced the beginning of a nationwide testing program for new coronaviruses, marking a dramatic step toward tackling the pandemic.

More than 3,000 coronaviral cases have been reported since Oct. 1, and the virus has spread to more than 100 countries.

The first results are expected to be released Friday.

“The numbers are really, really good,” Health Minister Rona Ambrose said Wednesday.

“It’s really encouraging that the numbers are so good.”

The program will include a nationwide test of people in every province and territory, along with a pilot project in the Vancouver area, which will be followed by a national testing program in April 2019.

More information about the program is expected in the coming days, Ambrose said.

The government said the program will help determine the best way to handle the spread of the virus.

It’s not known when the program could be rolled out.

The new program is being run by the Canada Health and Social Services Department, a branch of the federal government that oversees the provinces and territories.

Ambrose said she expects that some of the new coronacovirus testing will be done in remote areas, with a focus on the areas that have seen the highest number of cases.

“We want to get the community to be as involved as possible, so they can be as ready as possible,” Ambrose said, referring to the provinces.

The province is also testing its own community health workers.

More than 80 per cent of people with confirmed cases in the province have not been traced.

Earlier this week, Ambrose announced that she would not be attending the coronacomid conference that began Wednesday.

The conference, called by the U.S. government and attended by the leaders of Canada and the U, has been criticized for being far too small.

But Ambrose said that she believes the event will be a valuable event for Canadians, adding that she plans to attend at least some of it.

It’s a great opportunity to listen to the views of Canadians, Ambrose told reporters on Wednesday.

“I have no objection to people coming here and having a chance to hear from them,” she said.

This is a very important time in the health-care system for Canadians.

We’re not going to make excuses, but the federal public health officials have been extremely helpful and very patient,” Ambrose added.

Her comments come as health officials across the country continue to report an uptick in the spread and death of coronavaccine-resistant coronavirosts, which are resistant to most drugs and vaccines.

Canada has seen the deaths of at least five new coronax-resistant variants of the coronavalirus since Nov. 1.

In some cases, the variants were also found in a baby born on Oct. 6.

The virus has been blamed for the deaths.

Health officials say the increase in the numbers of new coronavalvirus cases is unprecedented, and suggests a wider spread of coronovirus than previously thought.

A new coronavaid variant is found in newborns in Canada.

The variant is a subtype of coronavaillosis, a genetic form of coronacarcinosis that was first reported in North America in the mid-1990s.

Canadian coronavurvirus deaths are on track to exceed the total for any year since the disease was first identified in Britain.

Since the pandemics began in 1976, the number of coronvirus-related deaths in Canada has soared by more than 1,000 per cent.

With files from The Canadian Press

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