How to get more people to watch YouTube, Google’s new video platform

The video platform YouTube is finally getting serious about making it easier for users to watch and share videos, but it’s also launching a new product that will let users create personalized video content.

The new product, led by YouTube CEO Sundar Pichai, is called Video Assist and it’s an extension of Google’s own video assistant that can automatically take over video playback, like an app on your phone or tablet.

Picha also said in an interview with The Wall Street Journal that he expects to see this new video assistant product on Google devices within the next two years.

YouTube has been testing this video assistant feature for several months and Pichaa said it’s ready to roll out on more Android devices.

The video assistant on Android will be a feature that allows users to create videos that are optimized for viewing on phones and tablets, he said.

But it will also be available for people who already have an existing video assistant, including those who have an Android phone.

That’s why YouTube is also releasing an app that will make it easy for people to add a video assistant to their Android phone, he added.

“We are going to enable you to create personalized videos that you can share with friends and family.”

Video assistants are one of the most popular video features available on Android devices, according to Google.

Google is launching a video Assistant for Android, but Pichae said that it will have no impact on Android users who already use a video assistants feature.

It will also work on Android phones, tablets, and computers.

YouTube is launching the new video assistants with a big focus on making it easy to add video assistants to devices that already have them.

The feature is similar to the one available in Google’s Android app for controlling your phone’s camera, which was introduced in 2014.

Pachai said that he hopes that this feature will become one of Google in the future.

“I think you’ll see that it’s going to be really important for the video assistant,” he said in the interview.

The first video assistants are expected to be available in the third quarter of this year.

The YouTube team has also launched a new service called Google TV that will offer access to over 200 channels, including channels like Discovery and ESPN.

This service will allow you to watch any of those channels on the Google TV and YouTube apps.

YouTube also recently unveiled a new video app called Vine that lets users watch video on their mobile phones.

Puchai said in his interview that YouTube hopes to release a video app for Android devices within two years, but he did not offer any details on the release.

“If we can bring video assistants that are available on all of these devices, that’s going be really exciting,” Pichais said.

The company is also working on its own YouTube app, which will be available on the Play Store in early 2019.

“In the next year or two, we’re going to have a really interesting video app that we are going try to release very soon,” he added in the article.

Pochai said he expects that he will be able to give a better insight into the features of the new Video Assistant app when the app is available to download in the Google Play Store.

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