How to play for a winning record in a playoff race

If you’re looking for a formula for a successful playoff run, then look no further than the Blue Jays, the reigning AL East champs.

If you want to win a championship, you need to be as consistent as the Jays.

That means you need a better starting pitching staff and a better bullpen.

That’s what led the Jays to their sixth-best record in the AL East this year, and it’s why they’ll be looking to repeat as champions in 2017.

Let’s break down the key stats and win-loss records from each of the four divisions for 2017, including how they compare against the rest of the league.

In the AL, the Blue Jay starters have posted an MLB-best 5.28 ERA, while the AL’s bullpen has given up a league-low 0.94 ERA.

Thats good for fifth in the majors.

The Blue Jays are also allowing fewer home runs, while giving up just seven fewer runs per game.

The AL East has the second-highest winning percentage in the league at .631, with the AL West at .662.

The only two teams to go above .600 are the Yankees (.634), who lead the AL with a 5.30 ERA, and the Angels (.638), who are tied with the Red Sox (.630).

The Yankees have been dominant this season, winning the AL pennant and two division titles.

The Red Sox are tied for second in the division, and are also one win away from tying for third in the American League.

The Angels are still the wild card.

The Astros and Tigers have both lost to the Blue Jays in the last two years.

The Blue Jays have won their last nine playoff series against the AL.

They have lost the last four postseason series to the AL Central-leading Tigers, and two to the Tigers.

In the ALDS, the Jays swept the Yankees in six games, and have been swept three times this year.

The AL West has posted the third-best winning percentage (.715) and has allowed the fewest runs in the NL.

The Royals are second in that division at .821.

The American League has the third most wins, but is tied for seventh in the standings at .615.

The Indians are tied to finish third in that league at a .714 mark.

The Yankees are in first place with a .704 winning percentage, while both the Red Wings and the Rays are tied at .702.

The Rangers are tied atop the division with a winning percentage of .619.

The Orioles are in third place with .615 and the Blue Jackets are tied in fourth with a win percentage of 2.06.

The Orioles are one win shy of tying for first place in the Atlantic Division, and in the Central Division, the Rangers are one game behind the Red Bulls.

The Athletics are tied fifth with a 2.05 win percentage.

The Indians are also in the hunt for the AL wild card, while having a winning playoff record for the third straight year.

The Rays are one back of the Twins for the second wild card spot, and one game ahead of the Angels.

The Mariners are two games behind the Angels, and four games behind Toronto for the last wild card slot.

The Yankees are also leading the AL in the final wild card standings, but are four games back of Texas for the wild-card spot.

The Tigers are tied, one game back of Kansas City, and six games behind Minnesota for the final playoff spot.

The Mariners are currently tied for the NL wild card with the Cardinals, while tied with Tampa Bay for the Wild Card wild-cards.

The White Sox are four back of Chicago for the playoff spots, and three behind St. Louis for the fifth wild card playoff spot in the conference.

The Brewers are one behind Milwaukee for the division title, and seven games behind Chicago for their wild card spots.

The Astros are tied as the AL team that has been the most consistent in terms of winning percentage.

The A’s have a .717 winning percentage and are one half game ahead for the American league lead.

The Cardinals are in second place with an .848 winning percentage (1.08 win per game).

The Rangers have a winning winning percentage .699 (1,039) and the Tigers are one away from a tie for the worst record in baseball.

The Angels are in the midst of a two-game losing streak, and will need a huge bounce back performance to make it back to the postseason.

The Marlins are tied (1-2) with a losing record in both of their games.

The Dodgers are tied behind the Dodgers with a 0-3 record.

The Rockies are two behind the Rockies with a record of 7-11, and sit two games back.

The White Sox have the worst winning percentage for a wild card team, and they are one loss behind the Tigers for the sixth wild card wild- card spot.

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