Hockey’s top players get some new masks

With the start of the NHL season starting in less than a month, the players of the Toronto Maple Leafs have been on the receiving end of some new mask designs.

Head coach Mike Babcock unveiled the new masks for his team on Thursday, as well as a few others from his past teams.

Babcock has used the masks in recent games to give his team a more professional look, but he didn’t let the new design do much to mask the fact that he likes the look of the original designs.

“It’s a little bit different for sure, but I like it,” Babcock said.

“I think it’s a great design for the guys to be able to look good with, for sure.”

You can still see where you are, where you go, what you’re doing.

You’re able to tell where you’re at on the ice.

That’s the main thing.

It’s just different for everybody.

“Babacch’s teams have used the new Leafs masks in practice and games, and while it has been fun to see the Leafs get a little more creative, it’s not the best way to play a game.

And I think we’ve done that with the new designs, and hopefully that’s the case with the rest of the teams as well.””

We like to have a little fun and not take ourselves too seriously, but we want to play the right way and have fun,” Babacch said.

“And I think we’ve done that with the new designs, and hopefully that’s the case with the rest of the teams as well.”

The new designs will be available at the Leafs home store on Friday, and fans can order the new NHL masks for $30 each at

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