Google Fiber and Verizon: How Google’s Internet service is transforming cities

The first Google Fiber is starting to show up in cities like New York and Los Angeles, but it’s still a long way from being rolled out nationwide. 

Google Fiber, which started in Austin, Texas in February, now has service in several other major U.S. cities, including Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Houston, Minneapolis, New Orleans, Philadelphia, Phoenix, San Francisco and Seattle. 

Its expansion in the U.K. is the first major expansion of the technology’s footprint in the UK. 

The service has been expanding in the US since June, when Google announced it was planning to expand to San Francisco, Los Angeles and Atlanta. 

Now, with the rollout of Google Fiber in New York City, the company says it will be rolling out to the rest of the US in the next few weeks. 

“We’re really excited to announce that we are rolling out Fiber in NYC and LA in the coming weeks, and will have a permanent fiber optic network available to our customers in the fall,” a Google Fiber spokesperson told Mashable in an email. 

In New York, Google said it will begin rolling out the service in February 2019, with a full rollout scheduled for 2021. 

Other cities with Google Fiber are Atlanta, Atlanta, Denver, Detroit, Houston and San Jose. 

Verizon is also adding Fiber to select markets, but did not say how many. 

While Google Fiber has only been available in New England for a short time, its expansion has also been expanding rapidly in the state, which is a hub for many technology companies, including Google. 

This month, the state announced a $25 million grant to start rolling out fiber service to the New York metro area, including Boston and New York’s Westchester County. 

It also has committed to expanding the service to 20 other cities in the region. 

Last month, Google also said it had invested $50 million to add 10 gigabit per second Internet service to New York. 

 Google’s rollout in New Jersey and Massachusetts is still being evaluated.

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