How to change the way you think about the nagging feeling of your nails

This is one of those times where you don’t really want to read anything. 

I just want to be doing my nails, like, nails on, nails off. 

But you know what? 

I have to get them out of the way. 

When my nails start getting bigger and bigger and I’m feeling really stressed out, I have to find some sort of solution to make them feel nice again. 

So here’s what I do when my nails are really, really big: I take a shower, I scrub with soap and water, I wipe them with a cloth, and then I get them back in place. 

(I’m a huge scrubber, and it’s not that hard.) 

Then I just get in the shower and get on with the day. 

Not really much else to say about it, right? 

(That’s because it’s just another nail-licking exercise.) 

When your nails are too big, you’ll need to take some steps to get rid of them, but the first step is to stop thinking about them as nails. 

What you’re actually doing is brushing them, which will cause your nails to grow, and when you’re done, you won’t be able to see them anymore. 

And I can tell you right now, that’s not the best way to get your nails out. 

Now, if you’re worried about that, I’d encourage you to go to your local nail shop and get your hands on a little black brush. 

You don’t need to get it fancy, it’s pretty simple. 

Just take the small one you have lying around, and you can use it to brush your nails.

 The brush itself doesn’t take up much room in your purse or backpack, so you can carry it anywhere you want. 

There are a few different types of brushes, and most nail salons will have one that’s the same size as the one you’re using. 

The tip of the brush should be at the same height, and should be in contact with your nail on all sides. 

That’s it. 

Here’s how you do it: First, take your black brush and place it on the end of a long, thin piece of string. 

Use a towel to wipe the brush clean. 

Then, brush a thin layer of the black brush onto your nail. 

This will help the bristles become a little thicker and help keep the bristled end of the nail in contact to the nail.

(You can brush it all the way across, if that’s more comfortable.) 

Now brush a second layer of black on the same spot, and brush a third layer of it on. 

After you’ve done this, brush another thin layer, and repeat the process. 

Keep brushing, and your nails will look like this: Now you’ve got a lot of black, so it should be a little bit of a challenge to get the brush to stick to your nails perfectly. 

Don’t worry if your nails aren’t perfectly even. 

We’re going to work on it in the video. 

For the sake of time, let’s say you have one nail and two nails. 

  Next, brush on a thin coat of black. 

Try not to let the brush touch the nails too much. 

If it’s too thick, it will stick to the nails, which can make your nails look really ugly. 

Next time, brush one thin layer over the black, and a second thin layer. 

Continue to brush on layers until your nails have thickened up to about the thickness of a thin piece. 

Repeat this process until you’ve brushed every layer.

(If you don�t have one of these black brushes, you can buy one online.) 

Next up, take a piece of paper and draw two straight lines on the paper. 

These are the edges of your brush.

 Next, put the brush on the surface of the paper, and begin to work the brush into the paper using as little force as possible. 

Let your brush do all the work, then get on to the next step. 

With each brushstroke, take the tip of your black and start to work it into the corner of the edge. 

Start with the back of the back, and slowly work the tip toward the edge of the corner. 

Again, keep working the brush at the edge until you’re all the same thickness. 

At this point, the back should look like the image below. 

It’s okay if the back is not exactly the same, but if you have a little more pressure than the back you want, you might need to stop and let the bristling get a little bigger. 

Make sure you don\’t move the bristlers around too much, otherwise you might damage the edge and your nail will start to bleed. 

Finally, you need to let

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