Why a Google Pixel XL might be the right smartphone for you:

The Google Pixel series is no stranger to innovation, but this year, it has taken its time to put some of the ideas and ideas that have been brewing in the lab to the test.

Google has been releasing new Pixel smartphones every week since the company’s announcement of the new Pixel phone back in October.

The first of these Pixel phones was the Pixel XL in October, which was a big departure from its predecessor, the Pixel.

With the Pixel line, Google went to a much more premium design, and it’s made the Pixel a device that is still widely popular among those looking for a more premium smartphone.

This year, however, Google has pushed the Pixel series even further.

Google Pixel, which has now been updated to version 10.1.1, is the first of the Pixel Series phones to receive the new camera module, a camera lens that can shoot 4K video.

Pixel XL is also the first Pixel to have a new battery that has been improved over the Pixel, according to Google.

And it’s been updated with the new Google Assistant, which brings the company a big improvement in voice recognition over previous generations.

The Pixel XL now comes with a fingerprint scanner on the rear, and the Pixel Launcher now lets you add shortcuts to the launcher on the home screen.

The Pixel XL comes with the latest version of Android, which includes a lot of features that are exclusive to the Pixel and Pixel XL phones.

You can set the wallpaper on your phone, turn on/off notifications, and have access to Google Now and Google Maps.

Google also announced that Google Photos has been redesigned with a new interface, which is more similar to the Android Photos app.

There are some new features, too, such as the ability to save photos in a Google Drive folder on your device, and you can also access Google Photos in a new app called Photos on your Chromebook.

You’ll also be able to add a Google Account to your account to access more features.

The only big new addition is a new notification light, which comes in the form of a little red LED that is visible in your home screen when you’re using the device.

Google’s Pixel line of smartphones have been an impressive success, and we can’t wait to see what Google brings to the table in 2017.

The Google Chrome app has also been updated for the Pixel devices.

The new Chrome browser brings a new look to Google’s web browser, and Google’s search engine has been updated as well.

The app has a new “search bar” with search functionality, search suggestions, and more.

Google will continue to update Chrome for Android with new features and improvements, and if you’re a Chrome user, this update will definitely be worth the download.

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