How to light up your home

LIGHT UP YOUR HOME: How to start a fire or make your own DIY light source BBC NEWS: LIGHTING UP YOUR HOMES article If you’ve never been to a fire, here’s a quick guide to lighting up your homes.


Get a fire extinguisher to put out a fire You’ll need to have some kind of hose and some kind a flameproof material.

Put a piece of cardboard on top of your fireplace.

Throw a piece in the middle of the fireplace.

The foam will help to get the flames out.


Place a piece on the roof of your home to protect it from the wind If the flames don’t come out, it’s probably too hot and will start a blaze.

Place some foil on top to protect the roof from the hot, dry air.


Put an electrical box in a safe place.

Place the box under a roof overhang to protect against rain.


Put on some sort of heating element If you don’t have any sort of fire safety device, then put a heater on your heating element to warm it up. 5.

Turn on the water and put on a tarp to cool down the hot air.


Fill your home with ice If you have a window or an open space in your home, put a piece under the window to block the hot weather and cool it down.


Keep an eye on the fire if you’re in the area and watch out for anything that looks like a fire hazard.

You can see it if you look down from the top of the roof.


Put out the fire by turning off your water heater If you’re lucky enough to have a fire in your house, then it’s safe to turn off the water heater.


Put your own fire extinguishers into your garage if you have one If you live in a house with no fire, then don’t be surprised if you see flames coming from a garage, but if you live near a fire that you can see, it could be a fire.

Get help from a fire professional if you can.


Check your furnace for signs of flames There are many signs that a fire is coming.

A lot of things can happen.

Sometimes the fire will be out, but it could still be a problem if it hasn’t been extinguished.

Check if the furnace is running at a safe level and if the water heaters are running at safe levels.

Keep checking the furnace to make sure they’re operating at their best.

If the furnace or water heat have a problem, then your water heat is at risk of overheating.


Check the chimney for signs that flames are coming from your house If you see smoke coming from the chimneys, it might be a sign of a fire on the ground.

If it is, the fire can spread quickly.

You should always keep your eyes open and keep checking the chimks.

Keep the windows and doors closed and make sure you don: Keep your windows and door shut when the fire is in your way.

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