How to turn your LED light on and off at night

A little-known but vital trick that’s helped millions of people enjoy the holidays: Turning on and dimming their LED lights when they’re asleep.

In the past, the best way to do it was to set the lights on and set the night-time alarm.

Now, thanks to smart lighting, the smart home is starting to do that as well.

Here’s how to turn on and use your smart lights when you’re asleep: 1.

Open your Smart Home app.


Tap the “My Home” button.


Select the “LED Lights” tab.


Tap on “Turn on and deactivate lights at night” to turn off your lights.


You can use the smart light controls at home, as well as the Nest thermostat, to dim your lights at the touch of a button.

If you’re going to use your Nest thertherapy, you can also turn on your thermostats, too.


Once you’re done setting the smart lights on, tap the “Turn off lights” button to stop them from dimming.


To use the Nest lights to dim at night, you’ll need to use the “Set the night time” feature on the smart bulb.

It’s a little more complicated than the previous version, but it works just like it did on the old Nest thermoregulation apps.


The smart lights will dim if you’re in a room with a lot of light sources, such as a window or light fixture.


For more options, check out this helpful video: How to dim a room’s LED lights with a Nest thersphere.


To dim the lights in your home, go to the Nest app and tap “LED lights.”

You’ll see a menu of available dimmer options, such the option to dim “all lights” and “none lights.”


Tap “Turn Off Lights” to dim them.


To turn the lights off, simply tap the Nest icon and select the “Nest” option from the menu.


To return the lights to their “normal” brightness, just tap the light’s icon and tap the menu again.


Finally, the Nest will show you how many of your lights are on or off at a time.

If it shows you no lights on or no lights off at all, tap “Set lights on/off.”

You can also tap the app icon to set your Nest’s “on” or “off” status.

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