Lava and lava on the floor of the Jerusalem Museum

On the eve of the grand opening of the new Jerusalem Museum, a massive lava dome rose from the floor.

It was one of many giant sculptures created by the sculptor, David Golan, who worked at the Jerusalem’s Mughrabi Museum from 1963 until 1973.

The dome was created in his honor and is the largest known example of a Mughri sculpture.

On the first day of the opening, a huge, brightly colored dome of lava rose from a stone slab.

It is one of a number of Mughristian-era sculptures created in Israel, the West Bank and the Gaza Strip, by the late Israeli artist David Gola.

It has become a symbol of Golan’s artistic legacy.

“We will build a museum that reflects Golan and his vision of a beautiful and dignified Israel, one that respects the uniqueness of the Jewish people, of its unique place in the world,” Golan said.

“He’s a great, great artist, but he’s not the first.”

The lava dome is the second of the Golan Museum’s three lava sculptures to rise from the ground.

In 2010, a piece of the dome, named after Golan during the 1970s, was placed in the middle of the Museum’s lobby.

A year later, a similar lava dome was raised by the same sculptor from the Mughrusi Museum in Gaza, which also houses the other two statues.

“The Dome of the Rock is a memorial to Golan,” said Miri Sarna, the director of the Maimin Museum, which has two other lava sculptures.

“It’s a tribute to a man who was in love with the world and wanted to build a world of beauty and harmony.”

A few months before the opening of Gola’s dome, the Palestinian Authority (PA) announced it was closing down the old Maimins Museum, saying it could not afford to operate the museum.

But the Dome of The Rock will remain open, and will remain part of the PA’s history.

“Golan’s masterpiece is a monument of hope,” said Sarna.

“This is a reminder of what can be achieved with dignity and artistry, and what we can achieve together as a people.”

Golan was born in Hebron in 1921.

He went on to win numerous awards, including the Hebrew Gold Medal, the Israeli Medal of the Rising Sun, the European Prize of the Year, the Royal Philharmonic Award, the National Medal of Arts and Sciences, the Israel Prize of Culture and the National Prize of Literature.

He died in 1995.

“I would like to say to our colleagues: I am so proud of you.

Your art, your creations, your generosity, and the incredible talents of your colleagues, made it possible for you to do great things for the country,” Gola said in a speech.

“Thank you.”

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