VW diesels are on track to reach 2.5 million cars in 2021

Volkswagen has announced a second half-year of sales gains for its diesel-powered cars.

In a statement on Tuesday, the automaker said it expected to achieve a record 3.9 million cars sold in 2021, with more than 1.3 million of those sales being diesel models. 

The company said it had already sold more than half of those vehicles and expects that total to increase to about 3.1 million.

The company expects its total vehicle sales to reach about 2.7 million cars by 2021.

Volkswagen said the new goal will give it the flexibility to increase production.

The automaker has not yet announced a timetable for its plans to sell the new vehicles, but said that it will start selling them in 2019.

The new goal, which is expected to come as early as this summer, will enable the company to achieve its goal of having nearly 1 million vehicles with no additional incentives in 2021.

The carmaker said it will sell an additional 300,000 vehicles with the new incentives over the next four years.VW is currently on track for sales of around 2.6 million diesel cars by 2020, a year earlier than its goal. 

In October, VW said it would spend $5.6 billion on its diesel sales program and add more than 6 million new diesel vehicles by 2021, which it said would result in a total of 4.6m diesel cars sold by 2021 that would be powered by the brand.

The U.S. automaker’s announcement comes on the heels of Volkswagen’s $6.3 billion acquisition of the Swedish auto maker’s brand, and a deal that will bring VW back into the auto industry.

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