Which Led Zeppelin song will win the Oscar?

The Oscar nominations are finally out, and with them, a big announcement: the next Led Zepps.

The Oscar nominations for cinematography and sound design were released on Friday, but for now, what are the nominees for the best sound design?

Let’s take a look at the nominations, starting with the nominees.

There are six nominated soundtracks, but that’s not all that many: there are four cinematography nominees, one sound design nominee and one special effects nominee.

If you haven’t seen the nominations yet, you can find them here:For the first time, the sound designers for The Sound of Music and The Sound Of Music: Volume 1 are nominated in the category of sound design, alongside the likes of The Soundtrack to an American Band of Brothers and The Color Purple.

The Oscar nominees for cinematography are:The Best Picture winner for sound design was directed by Martin Scorsese, which is a big surprise, given his history of soundscapes.

The nominations for sound effects, though, are as follows:The Sound of music (2016)The Sound Of A Song (2011)The Color Purple (1989)The Shape of Water (2015)The Girl on the Train (2016), and The Shape of Land (2016).

The Soundtrack of an American Song (1956)The Colors of Magic (1957)The Little Mermaid (1998)The Lion King (1995)The Emperor’s New Groove (1983)The Last Detail (1983), and King Kong (1962).

Soundtracks from The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, The Who and The Eagles have also been nominated for soundtracks.

Soundtrack nominations are as listed above.

The winners for cinematics, cinematography, sound design and special effects will be announced on Saturday at the Academy Awards.

You can watch the awards live on BBC One, ITV, BBC Radio 5 Live, BBC One HD and BBC Sport.

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