New NSW government moves to make it easier for people with disabilities to access public transport

New South Wales is set to become the first state in Australia to allow people with intellectual disabilities to use public transport, with a move by the state government that aims to help people with developmental disabilities find jobs.

Key points:New South Wales has passed legislation to allow for people to use local transport if they have an intellectual disabilityIt is also part of the NSW government’s broader plan to tackle poverty and unemploymentKey points :The state government is introducing legislation that will allow people who have a disability to use transportIf they have a diagnosis of a condition that causes an impairment, they will be able to use any public transport optionNew South Welsh premier Gladys Berejiklian says the legislation will help those with intellectual disability get the public transport they need.

Ms Berejichlian said the legislation would give those with disabilities access to public transport if the condition of their disability prevented them from using public transport.

“The government recognises the need to provide mobility to people with disability, so we’re looking at a range of options to ensure that people with a disability can get the transportation they need to get around their communities,” she said.

“This legislation will ensure people with an impairment are able to access transport in public transport and will help people to get to work and into the communities where they live.”

Ms Berejaiklians announcement comes after the New South Welsh Government introduced a motion to introduce legislation that would allow people whose disabilities prevent them from being able to be employed, into the workforce, or to access local transport to be able use public transit if they meet a set of criteria.

The motion will be considered by the Upper House of Parliament on Tuesday.

A motion is a legislative measure passed by a two-thirds majority of the members of a legislative chamber.

It is an attempt to bring together different issues within a broader legislation, and can be passed by majority vote.

A bill is not an agreement between governments.

The legislation will also provide for an assessment and review of the needs of people with mental health conditions to determine whether they are able and able to perform their jobs.

It will also set up an independent commission to look into whether people with conditions such as autism or intellectual disability are able or should be able access the transport that is provided in public spaces.

A spokesperson for Ms Berejikhlian told the legislation was “a welcome move” and will allow those with conditions to access the public transportation system.

“While the legislation is only temporary, it will provide those with a serious mental illness the mobility they need in the community and will make the transport system more accessible for people who need it most,” she added.

The spokesperson said there was currently no funding to support the implementation of the legislation.

There are currently no plans to provide funding for the introduction of the new legislation.

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