UK internet company ‘slight’ in Google searches for ‘mini led clouds’

A company that makes internet connections is “slight” in Google search results for “mini led cloud”, a leading industry body said.

The UK Intellectual Property Office (IPO) ruled that Google’s lead cloud service, called “lead cloud”, is not a product that should be classified as a service.

Google is the only UK internet service provider to have not classified the service as a “service” and it has been banned from entering into any EU deals with other providers.

The company said that it had made an error in the EU ruling.

“Google was made aware of a potential technical error in EU legislation which could have caused a classification of ‘service’ as ‘service’,” a spokesperson for the IPO said.

“The company has since made an apology to its customers and has corrected the error.”IPO does not currently consider ‘lead cloud’ to be a service or product.

However, it does consider it to be part of the ‘service ecosystem’ and is currently working with regulators and the Commission to determine whether this classification is appropriate.

“A spokesman for Google, which owns the technology company Google, said the company would continue to work with the regulators.”

We are aware of the EU issue and are working with the relevant authorities to resolve this as quickly as possible,” the spokesperson said.

Google, which is owned by Google parent company Alphabet, has struggled to find a viable business model for its cloud-based internet services.

The internet giant’s cloud services have been criticised for costing customers money, but the firm has said the costs of running the cloud services are not significant.

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