How to fix ceiling fan issue at Houston Rockets

The Houston Rockets are in the middle of a new look at the front office and it appears to be the most effective of the group, with a lot of energy, a lot to do.

But what exactly does that mean?

Let’s find out!

A lot of what’s changed on the team since the departure of Dwight Howard has been on the players front.

The biggest is that Howard is gone, and the new head coach, Alvin Gentry, is bringing his A-game.

However, there have been some big changes that have occurred on the floor.

The Rockets have gone from the worst team in the league in 2013-14 to the best team in NBA history in 2017-18.

Here’s a look at how the team has improved over the past year.

First of all, it is clear that Howard was one of the biggest factors that led to this rebuild.

He’s a fantastic scorer and defender, and he was one the league’s top rebounders.

His role has changed to a small forward, but Howard is still the primary threat in the paint.

This means that he is often the one bringing the ball up, and in some cases, he’s the one shooting the ball.

His presence has helped Houston’s offense go from a poor to a dominant force.

Howard has also been a leader.

He has led by example on the court, leading by example off it.

He was the first player to ever play at the NBA level, and it’s hard to find a player who has done more to build this team.

He never lost his passion for the game, and his presence has meant that he has been the face of the franchise.

He also showed leadership on and off the court.

His time with the team also taught him a lot about leadership.

When Howard was traded, many thought that it was a mistake for the Rockets to keep him around.

They knew that the team was heading in the wrong direction, and that Howard would only continue to lead by example.

But that was a massive mistake.

His absence in Houston changed everything.

Howard was not only a role player on the Rockets, but a leader in the locker room.

He is a guy that is always willing to speak up and be a voice of reason.

He knows what it takes to be a good teammate.

He will not be around to make excuses, and you can’t blame him for doing so.

The other big difference between Howard and the previous head coach is that Gentry is taking a more conservative approach with the style of play.

He may not be as flashy as Howard, but Gentry’s style of offense still has a lot going for it.

The offense has evolved over the years, and there are many reasons why.

It’s not just the offense.

It also includes defense, which has evolved as well.

The defense has improved since Howard left, and Gentry has a group of young players who are going to lead the way in that area.

He doesn’t just want to throw the ball around like Howard did, and they are going get to make the most of their opportunities to score.

The Rockets are also working on a new offensive system, but it has not changed too much since Howard was gone.

It is not a complete overhaul of the offense, but the coaching staff has done a great job of trying to incorporate the old system into the new.

For example, the big men and the small forwards are still very similar to the way Howard played.

Howard’s presence is still important in the offense to help set up teammates, but there are a lot more ways that the offense can be improved.

The big men still have to get better, but they also have to learn how to pass more efficiently.

It seems that Gerson has done that.

He wants the team to play more isolation, which is something that Howard missed out on during his time in Houston.

Gentry has also brought a lot back to the Rockets’ bench.

Most importantly, he has brought back a lot.

The new system has given him a different look on the bench.

The players are more versatile, and some of them are returning some of the old looks.

The most notable of those is James Harden, who has returned to his classic style of playing, with his trademark floaters and his patented floater.

Harden has had an incredible season, but he is still a bit of a mystery to many.

The best way to find out who Harden is, is to watch his tape.

He can create some mismatches and score a lot, and this is something the Rockets will have to keep an eye on.

Houston is also adding another important player, as well as a new coach, who is a great fit for the team.

The addition of new head man Mike D’Antoni has not only helped to turn around the team, but has also made some changes on the coaching side.

D’Alessandro is a young coach who has experience in the NBA.

He spent the last two seasons with the New York Knicks, where he was

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