What we know about the second season of Better Call Saul

We don’t know what to make of Better Cops 2, but it looks like it’s a little bit of everything.

The first season of the Netflix series had a surprisingly strong season-one ending, and the second one will have some familiar elements as well.

In fact, there are some familiar themes and themes that have been popping up in Better Call s Saul episodes.

What’s the deal with that?

 We know that Saul Goodman, the DEA agent who’s been in the loop for much of the first season, is dead.

And we know that we will see his wife, Karen, for the first time since the second series began.

We know that his son, Michael, is the son of Saul’s daughter, Maria, and we know from his death that he is working for Saul.

So this season is going to be very dark.

What’s interesting is that we haven’t yet seen the final episode of Better Calls Saul, but there’s no doubt that we’ll be seeing some familiar characters and some familiar events in the final episodes.

That’s what we thought about with the first two seasons.

As for what the second seasons of Better Calling Saul will do, that’s the big question.

This season’s plot was pretty clear-cut and linear, so we thought that we would get some answers to those questions in the second installment.

So we are definitely expecting a little more ambiguity and some new characters and things to explore in this season, but we are not quite ready to say anything yet.

We’ve been keeping tabs on Better Camps in hopes of seeing the return of the Saul Goodman of the second and third seasons, but the fact that the show was canceled two seasons ago makes that unlikely.

And while Better Cams did end with an exciting conclusion, it’s not clear if Saul will return to the Saul he had before.

So far, we’ve been told that Saul was never going to come back for a third season, and there’s little reason to believe he’ll be back in the third season.

What we do know is that there are going to have to be some big changes in the world in the future.

And then there’s the question of how well the show will be received by critics.

We haven’t seen any of the new episodes, and some critics have expressed some disappointment about the series.

That said, we don’t think that fans will be disappointed in the way that the series was received by audiences.

If there was ever an ending that people were upset with, this was it.

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