The Future of EVs is Coming to the Cars

Lead light, the electric car, is about to be made in America.

The first cars powered by lead-free technology will be produced by General Motors in Michigan, according to the Detroit News.

The car is designed to compete with the electric-vehicle industry and the lead-less technology, which can be found in many electric vehicles.

The lead-based car is expected to cost less than $20,000 and will be available to the general public in the fall of 2019.

It is also the first car built entirely by robots.

Lead-free cars have been in the news for years as a technology to save on fuel costs, but they haven’t yet been proven commercially.

The technology has been used in a few electric-car prototypes.

According to the Journal Sentinel, General Motors said that lead-light vehicles have the potential to provide a significant economic boost to Michigan’s economy.

According the company, the lead car will be a “new era in the auto industry.”

The lead light is a vehicle that uses a lithium ion battery to power the car’s electric motors.

Lead light is being used by electric-truck manufacturers and is also a popular way to produce power in solar power.

According General Motors, lead-laser batteries were first developed for the lead vehicle, but the lead is a different material than lead.

In order to achieve the same level of power and efficiency as lead, it will be made from a more advanced type of lead, called cadmium lead, which is more energy dense.

Lead is used in batteries that can be used in the production of hydrogen, which accounts for a significant amount of the world’s hydrogen supply.

The news comes just days after the lead light car made headlines after a California company revealed that lead was found in more than one third of all lead-plated gasoline in its gasoline supply.

That same day, Tesla Motors announced that it would be producing lead-tipped batteries in its cars.

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