Watchdog: New technology could lead to ‘disastrous’ consequences for electric vehicle owners

FOX NEWS — Watchdog groups and lawmakers are urging automakers to use new technology to help reduce emissions, as automakers ramp up production of electric vehicles and introduce more fuel-efficient models.

The latest effort comes after a group of states and the EPA announced they would use a new technology that would allow for charging of electric vehicle battery packs.

A new battery technology could reduce the cost of electric cars, according to an industry group, but it would also increase emissions and cause a host of other safety concerns.

The National Electric Vehicle Association (NEVA) released a new report this week detailing the challenges of building an electric vehicle fleet that can meet the growing demand for low-carbon transportation.

“The NEVA report shows that the electric vehicle industry must be a priority for all stakeholders to accelerate progress towards a cleaner transportation future,” the group said in a statement.

“Our goal is to get electric vehicle adoption up to 60 percent by 2025, and we are committed to increasing the number of electric car options to 100 percent by 2040.

It’s a challenge that the industry must tackle, and it is our mission to ensure that our vehicles are the best and most efficient available.”

The report also called on automakers to “use advanced technologies and new and existing vehicle technologies to reduce the emissions of electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles and other electric vehicle systems and to help make the vehicles safer.”

The report cited a new study by the Center for Automotive Research that found a 1.5-mile electric vehicle would be less fuel-intensive and produce less emissions than a 1-mile gasoline vehicle, while the emissions from other electric vehicles would be lower.

But a new U.S. Environmental Protection Agency report published Thursday suggests that the new technology could increase emissions.

The report found that an electric car could generate about 13 grams of carbon dioxide per mile of range, compared to a gasoline vehicle’s 4.4 grams of CO2.

The EPA also said it will recommend to automakers to include fuel-efficiency upgrades to plug-ins as part of their electric vehicle programs.

While the new report does not address how to make electric vehicles safer, it is an important step in addressing the issue, said Matt Taylor, senior director of the advocacy group Smart Energy for All.

He said it is important to know the full range of electric-vehicle technology available, including how it can reduce emissions and potentially make them more fuel efficient.

For example, Tesla has been working on new electric vehicles, and its Model S electric sedan is being tested in California.

But the company has said that it is still developing its Model X electric sedan.

And while the new NEVA study notes that there are “some technical and environmental challenges associated with using batteries as primary energy storage,” it also said there is a “potential for significant improvements in energy efficiency.”

In an emailed statement, Tesla said it has “been committed to making our vehicles more fuel economy-friendly for years and is focused on reducing CO2 emissions through our efforts to improve fuel efficiency.”

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