Which car is the fastest?

A new study has shown the fastest vehicles in the world are powered by lithium-ion batteries.

Lead researcher Dr. Yves Chappell said the study, which he led, looked at the top 10 fastest-selling cars in the U.S. The report looked at sales data from the Consumer Reports Motor Vehicle Testing Program, which tracks how well new cars are performing on the road.

The researchers said the cars used by the top five were electric, plug-in hybrid, fuel-cell or hybrid, petrol or diesel.

They also considered whether they were built in the United States, Germany or Japan.

The cars tested by the team are all the latest in a long line of Tesla electric and plug- in hybrid models that have sold millions of cars around the world.

Tesla has sold more than 4.6 million vehicles since the company’s IPO in March, making it the world’s largest electric vehicle maker.

It also sells a fleet of luxury sports cars that sell for tens of thousands of dollars each.

The study, published online by the Journal of Transport, Parking and Environmental Economics, also looked at fuel economy, safety, efficiency and emissions.

The top 10 cars that came out of the top 20 in the top-20 most-popular models category were the Nissan Leaf, Ford Fusion Hybrid, Nissan Leaf LEAF, Honda Civic, BMW M5, Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG, Volvo S90, Mitsubishi Eclipse and Mitsubaru Impreza.

Chappell says the findings support the belief that the biggest selling car in the next 10 years is the Tesla Model S, with the Leaf, Fusion Hybrid and EV being the top models.

Tesla is currently making some of its electric cars available to buy through its website, and the automaker has also recently launched its Autopilot feature in select vehicles.

Chapell said if you look at the models tested, it appears that most of the vehicles are powered with lithium- ion batteries.

He says the top cars use a range of lithium-based batteries, but they are mostly electric, which means they are much lighter than gasoline-powered cars.

Chavas, the leading electric car maker, says it’s not selling electric vehicles to the public, but its first cars are on the market and its goal is to be able to sell a million cars a year.

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