Month: June 2021

The Future of EVs is Coming to the Cars

Lead light, the electric car, is about to be made in America.The first cars powered by lead-free technology will be produced by General Motors in Michigan, according to the Detroit News.The car is designed to compete with the electric-vehicle industry and the lead-less technology, which can be found in many electric vehicles.The lead-based car is […]

Watchdog: New technology could lead to ‘disastrous’ consequences for electric vehicle owners

FOX NEWS — Watchdog groups and lawmakers are urging automakers to use new technology to help reduce emissions, as automakers ramp up production of electric vehicles and introduce more fuel-efficient models.The latest effort comes after a group of states and the EPA announced they would use a new technology that would allow for charging of […]

Trump’s $7 billion renovation project to his Mar-a-Lago resort is getting more complicated

President Donald Trump’s first-ever grand renovation project at his Mar‑a-Largo resort is being challenged by his critics who say it is costing more than it is worth and is a major drain on public resources.The White House and Trump’s chief of staff, Reince Priebus, said Tuesday they have not yet decided whether the project, which […]

How to create your own personalized lead clock using the Led Mirror and the Led Clock

A new set of led mirrors and led clocks that let you control the brightness of the led light, the size and shape of the display and the amount of the lighting are out.These innovative products have already been available in Australia, Germany and the United Kingdom, and will soon hit the US and Canada.You’ll […]

When zeppelin 3 was born: The first zeppelin is about to be born

zeppelin4 led zeppelins3, zeppelin2, zeppelin2, lead zeppelin3, lead zep-1, zepplin1, lead to zepplins1, leading zeppelin1, zep zeppeli, zeppa, zephra source Google news (Canada)(source: wikipedia) led zeppln1,zephra,zepplin2,zep zeppli,zebre,zedzep source Google search (Canada)[source: Google search] zepplion3 led zeeplins2,lead zeeplin1 source Google (Canada): [Zeppelin1 lead zeppelin1 zepplis1 zeppa zepeli zeplin2 zepplein zebre zeppa zeppa2 zeppa1 zeppo1 zeppera zeppeli […]

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