How to watch the coronavirus in Canada

Canada has announced the beginning of a nationwide testing program for new coronaviruses, marking a dramatic step toward tackling the pandemic.More than 3,000 coronaviral cases have been reported since Oct. 1, and the virus has spread to more than 100 countries.The first results are expected to be released Friday.“The numbers are really, really good,” Health […]

How to get your smartphone waterproof with a pair of waterproof LED lights

There’s nothing like a pair, right?Well, not necessarily.That’s the message I want to give you right now, so let’s get started.The LED lights are waterproof in theory, but in practice they’re not really waterproof.They’re actually water repellent.If you’re outdoors, it’s probably a good idea to use your phone outdoors for at least a few minutes […]

Which synonym of led should you use in your blog?

With all of the news around lead-free and lead-colored websites, we decided to find out which synonym you should use to describe a website with a lead-filled headline.This led to a couple of posts and some research.The article below was originally published on October 1, 2018. In the lead-less world, what does lead mean?In this post, […]

How to get more people to watch YouTube, Google’s new video platform

The video platform YouTube is finally getting serious about making it easier for users to watch and share videos, but it’s also launching a new product that will let users create personalized video content.The new product, led by YouTube CEO Sundar Pichai, is called Video Assist and it’s an extension of Google’s own video assistant […]

Sanders campaign responds to claims he was involved in ‘sting operation’

Sanders campaign spokeswoman Catherine Frazier said Monday the former Vermont senator was not aware of any “sting” operation.“This is not a story about the Sanders campaign,” she said.“It’s about his campaign being targeted by a hostile political group.”Frazier declined to address the claim that Sanders had been in contact with former New York Gov.Eliot Spitzer.“He’s […]

How to get a lead-free aquarium light in your new or existing home CBC News

Lead-free lighting is an essential part of home decor, and it’s becoming increasingly popular as more people have become interested in the outdoors.But how to get one in your home?There are three types of lead-safe LED bulbs in the market: dimmable LED, lead-acid LED and high-powered LED.These three types have different requirements and are generally […]

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